Apr 5, 2010

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

20,000 leagues 1

1978 and the family is waiting in line to ride Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride!

I remember being nervous and excited at the same time as we waited to board the submarine of Captain Nemo.

20,000 leagues 2
Nemos crew gave us directions on how to board the submarine as it came into port.

We climbed through a hatch in the top of the sub and walked down the length of it.
I remember it having two benches that ran the length of the submarine and you sat in front of a porthole to look out into the murky depths of the sea.

After everyone had boarded the Captain told us that we would soon be diving and to prepare ourselves.

So I took a deep breath and held it as bubbles ran past the window of our submarine as we dove to untold depths.

20,000 League Diver 1

We saw Nemos men as the worked their under sea gardens.

20,000 League-Diver-2

We also saw them wrestle with never before seen beasts.

20,000 League Fish

We even saw strange creatures pass our windows.

Very fun ride.
I don't think it is at Walt Disney World any more though sadly.
My kids never got to ride it. It was always shut down or being updated when we were there.
Hard telling what it is now.

I am not sure what it is today but I do have a suggestion for what it could be or at least what these slides reminded me of.


I can't say that I watch very much network programming but I do watch Lost.
I look forward to watching it each week with my wife!

After looking at my Dad's slides of Disney's ride I mashed the two together to see how it would look.

Two slides in particular caught my eye.

Lost-20,000 leagues

You could hear the works say "Namaste!" as you got of the sub onto the island.

Who know maybe Walt Disney was inspired after jumping through time on a strange island?


The diver pulling on the cable reminded me of the first time we saw the cable on the show.


That is what my mind imagined. Not a place to live on the bottom of the ocean!

Not sure how the sires will end but we have enjoyed it so far.


Emmalea said...

You never cease to amaze me!

Emmalea said...
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Brian Ashmore said...

I remember this ride! It was a bit creepy going under water. Fun place. Was this in California or Florida? I think I went on the one in California.

Brian B said...

Florida. I have never been to California.

chunky B said...

It was still there in 1994, that was when we visited Florida's Magic Kingdom! I've been wanting to go back and see what they did to the Pirates ride, I heard it was updated too to reflect the current movie series, now I want to see what they did to this classic.

Great photos and post Brian.

John said...

Unfortunately it's no longer at Disney World. I believe Ariel's Grotto now sits in it's place. So sad :(

Chuck said...

Yea it was amazing. They closed it around '95. I miss it every time I'm there.