Apr 19, 2010


Brett in 1975 with his catch for the day.

My brother Brett won a bear hunting trip!

He won a trip to hunt for black bear in northern Saskatchewan.

I had heard this news through Mom and I sent him a text to find out more about it.

He said their web site is sportsmenna.com

He said they have a TV show on ICTV on the Dish Network.

They asked him if he would allow a camera man to join him on the trip.

Brett said the first thought that went through his mind was "Yeah I bet I could out run that guy."
Good thinking brother.

I think Brett will make for great television. He will probably get his own TV show out of this.
"Gadget goes a hunting" would be a good title for his show.

His hunting buddies call him Gadget because if it is out there and marketed towards hunters my brother has it and carries it with him. "Go, go, gadget doe scent" and he has it right there.

I searched their website and found this.

His wife probably wants him to take the cash option now. Sorry Brett.

I also found his snazzy profile picture which has him posing with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

I didn't Photoshop it. It really is his profile picture.

Have a great hunt Brett!

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Brian Ashmore said...

Congrats, Brett!! That's really cool.