Sep 15, 2009

Watermelon Festival

After eating our Dovie burgers and watching them shoot some marbles it was off to the Watermelon Festival.

The Watermelon festivities are held around the Tomkinsville courthouse.

The picture above is some of my crowd cutting backstage (More on this later) to get to the arts and craft exhibits.

Booths are set up around the courthouse to sell many different handcrafted items.

The girls were drawn to the purses but they didn't buy any.
I used to have to buy the boys the latest rubber band gun, sword or marshmellow gun.


Unloading some monster watermelons.

The kids ate some free watermelon someone was handing out and Levi took a picture of a truck the had a huge pipe coming out the back of it that he liked.

It was hot so we didn't stay downtown very long.

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