Sep 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 09

My family and I went to our family reunion over the weekend.

It is held in the small town where my Dad is from, Tomkinsville, Kentucky.

First thing on our agenda was the watermelon festival that is held in downtown Tomkinsville.
The festival starts off with a parade.
We missed the very beginning of the parade because we had to make a bathroom stop as soon as we got into town but I don't think we missed any major floats.

We saw the babies who won contests for the prettiest eyes, prettiest smile, prettiest hair and most photogenic.
We not only saw the winners but also ALL the runner ups. For each category.

Not to mention Miss Teen, Preteen and soon to be preteen winners.

We did get there in time to see the "if it has a motor drive it" portion of the parade too.

We also saw a very scary Ronald McDonald who kept holding up a fake fish for some reason.

Then there was the horse section of the parade which is usually eventful but there wasn't near as many horses or riders this year so there was nothing much that happened.

Missing from the parade was the "Every kid in town on a quad" portion of the parade.

After the Parade we made our way to the second thing on our agenda which I will save for tomorrows post.

While walking to our destination we spotted some local yahoo's standing on the sidewalk.
I thought I would take a shot of them and post it to add some local flavor.

Wait! Those aren't just any yahoo's. That's my Dad and his brother Uncle Ike.

Mom and Chad's kids are there too.

Well it was good to see family in town already.

More on our weekend tomorrow.


Brian Ashmore said...

Looks like fun!

What parade is complete without the "every kid in town on a quad" section?!

Brian B said...

I know what you mean.

We really missed it because they are all just waiting to wheelie every chance they get.