Sep 9, 2009


This is the world famous Dovies Cafe in Tomkinsville, Kentucky.

You might think I am kidding when I say world famous but I am not.
It has been featured on the news, been voted the best hamburger in Kentucky and has a fan page on Facebook.

Come on. The exterior screams quality food is waiting inside.

You can see my son and his girlfriend joining hands in delight as thy approach Dovies hallowed doors.

That's me and mine waiting to place our order for happiness on a bun along with other crazed fans who were lucky enough or early enough to get seats at the counter.
Just look at the joy on that young mans face.

Here is where all the magic happens.

Deep fried hamburgers!
I hear that the first fryer is to cook them. The second fryer is to prepare them to be finished and the third fryers is for the ones ready to eat.

Lets zoom in on the secret ingredient of the Dovie burger.

Grease, oil or pure lard?
If we knew it wouldn't be a secret would it?
There is quite a debate over this ingredient in the comment section of this post.

I think that one waitress is wearing a nurses top.
Maybe they keep a nurse on staff to perform CPR on the dine in guests.

Cousin Leslie Kay's husband, Brett, says that these are as good as having a heart cath.
If you don't die within 24 hours of eating one your arteries are still good for at least another 5 years.

Waiting and soaking in the ambiance.

It was quite the hub of activity that day.
Proper etiquette is for the locals to let visitor buy Dovies, as the hamburgers are called , on holidays because they can buy them any other day.
This is also to help keep the lines down.

I heard that locals were still there getting all the Dovies they could Labor day. They are just that good.

No room at the counter so we dined in the outdoor seating area.

Man, we can't wait.


Dovie fun facts.

The meat is place between two buns, immediately wrapped in wax paper, placed in a bag with napkins on the bottom of the bag.
By the time you get out of the restaurants door the bag is transparent from the grease soaking though it all.
They are that serious about their grease.

You can order you hamburger squeezed or not squeezed.
(We went with not squeezed for the full experience)

Yeah baby! Dovies! (To my left are men and women playing Rolley Hole marbles check back tomorrow for more about this)

Look at the joy on my face.
You can't really describe them they have to be experienced.
We got everything on ours which means onion and pickle I guess because that's all they gave me.
It is a very unique flavor. Very good despite my facial expression above.

Levi and his girlfriend Hope enjoying their lunch.
(Note the stands to watch them play marbles in the background)

Joel likes it!

Elaine is trying not to shoot grease all over her clothes.
(You can see Dovies Cafe in the background)

Megans face sums up a Dovie burger well. Yummy!

More on Dovies HERE
They are a legend.
If you are in the area you must stop and try one.
I can't wait until we are back in the area to get another one.


Brian Ashmore said...

Wow! Why do I want a hamburger SO bad right now? ...and why don't we have anything like Dovies out our way?

It's probably a good thing, though. Looks like it would be hard to resist going weekly if you lived close by. My heart couldn't take it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dovie's is historic. They don't call it "squeezed" or "unsqueezed." They say, "squozed" or "unsquozed." :-)

The burgers are deep fried in soy bean oil.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant "squoze" or "unsquoze"

Brian B said...

Well the soy bean oil must make it healthier. I'm sure in the good old days it was lard!

Squoze = It is had to type Kentuckian!

Brian B said...

I meant HARD to type Kentuckian. Aarrgghh!