Sep 2, 2009

Down Home 2

Here I am sitting on my Grandma's knee.
Grandpa is bedside us with my Mom next to him.
The other guy is my Uncle Ike.

Ike has a website but I couldn't find it today to link to it.
I think maybe the FED's finally shut it down or something.
I know schools banned it so it was just a matter of time before the FED's closed it down.

I mean no one in America should be able to post pictures of themselves barbecuing opossums on a grill.
Although I did have a piece of barbecued raccoon one year at the family reunion.
Sorry Ike, maybe your site should be allowed.
If I get a good link I will post it some time.

Same group but Mom is taking the picture and Dad joined the posing fun.


Brian said...
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Brian Ashmore said...

These are great family photos.

I almost didn't recognize you without the Bat-diaper on your head. Clever to have your alter ego be a baby. Nice.

Emmalea said...

Elaine was wondering how old you were in this photo. I'm going to say around 16-17 months. There are no leaves on the trees outside, we all have fall clothes on, and we usually visited around thanksgiving. Later (when more brothers came along) we would alternate our visits to either Thankgiving or during the Christmas break.