Sep 24, 2009

Cumberland River Ferry

After visiting the cabin Dad took us to the local ferry that crosses the Cumberland river.

This river has a ferry versus a bridge because Dad said that the powers that be figured it was cheaper to have a ferry rather than build a bridge.

Not everyone in my car was thrilled with the idea of taking our car on a boat across a river.
Joel was already riding with Mom and Dad so I jumped in with them and rode across.

We had two cars on our trip and I don't think there is much room for more anyway.

Dad said the ferry is supposed to tie off when they load and unload but they just revved the engine to push the ramp into the bank for us.

Dad said that a dump truck was pulling off while the ferry wasn't tied to the bank and his weight pushed the ferry back into the river which he shortly fell into as well.

He also said that in the winter an older couple were waiting for the ferry when their car began to slide on the slick road. As their car slid towards the river the ferry pilot speed up and was able to pinch their car into the bank saving them.

Have you ever crossed a river this way?
If not here is a sample of how looks for those of you who haven't and for those who stayed in my car.

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