Sep 17, 2009

Old Mulkey Meeting House

We usually go to the Old Mulkey Meeting House when we visit Tomkinsville.

This is the second oldest log cabin meeting house (Church) in Kentucky.
Old Mulkey was built in 1804.
The meeting house is in the shape of the cross and has twelve sides, one for each Apostle.
It also has three doors representing the Trinity.

Joel looming large in one of the doors.
He keeps trying to pass me up in height but so far I am still holding him off. So far.

Levi and Hope are in the pulpit while Megan looks around.

Outside to the graveyard.

Old Mulkey is also famous for who is buried there.

Hannah Boone, Daniel Boone's sister, is buried there.

As well as some revolutionary war soldiers.

If you take a little hike you also find a tombstone for Stonewall Jackson's cousins.

John Mulkey seemed like a Preacher I would like.
He stood for what the Bible said versus what mans tradition dictated.
He is still remembered today because of it. Those who compromised are forgotten.
Stand firm.


JNBLT said...

Thank you for producing this website of Old Mulkey Meeting House stagte historic park!I descend from Hannah Boone who married Richard Pennington in 1777 and through their son Daniel Pennington, whose home Hannah lived at her death in 1828.Me and my 2 cousins with the Boone Society's help, erected the monument to her in 2003 at the first Monroe County Heritage Festival.

Armand Christopher Hayes said...

The "Old Mulkey Meeting House" and State Park are in south central Kentucky, still evoking the feeling that you are there with them as a pioneer. The old head stones, rest the Revolutionary War soldiers, who fought to create our great country; they are marked here with their families. It was a beginning for them, as pioneers; a chance for land- the earth to work. A freedom to worship God and grow in piece. Yes with Hannah Boone Pennington and visits from Squire Boone! A must to sit in this church and feel their faint but definate presence.