Sep 17, 2009

Poplar Log Cemetery

After we left the Old Mulkey cemetery I called my Dad and had him meet us at the family burial grounds, Poplar Log Cemetery.

Dad brought mom and my brother Chads kids with him.

I had Dad tell us stories we had heard before but we love to hear again. Also I want my kids to know the stories so that they can pass them down to their kids.

In the picture above Dad is telling us about his youngest brother, William Med, who only lived for a day.

These two headstones are for Dad's Uncles who had pneumonia but went ahead and checked their traps in the winter and died while still young boys.

Listen to your Mother boys is the lesson here.

I think this is another one of my Grandmas brothers.
This one relative needs a whole post to himself.
Fear, murder, revenge and a shootout at the courthouse is the summary of his story.
Check back later for the story in its entirety complete with the newspaper clippings.

Left to right: Levi, Joel, Me, Zach and Dad in front of my Grandparents grave.

Here are my Grandparents in front of their grave.
Dad said they were proud of it. I thought it was a little creepy at the time.
Now whenever I am at the grave side I think of this picture.

Me with my Grandma.

My Grandpa name is John Turner.
My Dad is James Ted and we named Joel, Joel Ted to keep the J.T.s Running in the family.

Many stories here.
The kid who died from eating to many apples and died from diarrhea.
The relative who died from riding his horse while drunk and ran into a tree.
Not to mention the town drunk named Tanglefoot.

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