Sep 10, 2009

Dovies Update

My Uncle Ike sent me a picture of a recent purchase of some Dovie burgers.

My Dad says he sends pictures like this every now and then just to make him jealous.

Must be a common thing for people from Tomkinsville to torment their friends like this.

Dad and Mom told me about a video that Dad watched the other day where a girl eats a Dovie burger on Youtube just to torment her friends. HERE

Hungry yet?


Emmalea said...

I love that you can see how he grease soaks through the wrapping and the bag.
Dad calls the the mustard concoction on the burger "dressing". He describes it as mustard and sort of relish - whatever that means. I had one bite of one about 44 years ago and that was enough for me! So - I can't blame Dovie's for my heart blockages. Yuck! I don't get it - but obviously - some people have a "need" for bread and grease.

Anonymous said...

Those Dovie's look good! I like mine crunchy on the outside. Daddy says you got to be raised on them to like em. Thanks for posting family history and pictures. It really is neat to see family history. God Bless,
Becky D (Ike's girl)