Sep 21, 2009


Our family has stayed at this cabin on the Cumberland River a couple of times so we got permission to go look around it.

This cabin is very cool.

We didn't go to town to get the key so we walked around and peered in the windows.

I think Levi enjoyed showing the cabin to Hope.

It sleeps fifteen in beds but many more if you bring sleeping bags.

One of my wife's favorite things is the coyote that looks over the balcony.

Upstairs has all the bedrooms and downstairs is all open with a big kitchen.

Elaine saying " I wish we could bring this home with us.".

They added an outdoor stage complete with a lighting system.

A nice big porch.

Down the ramp to the Cumberland River.

The river was way down so we went out and explored the river bottom that was now exposed.

We will come back here and stay again for sure.

One of the most fun things about the cabin is driving back to the cabin.

You drive for a long while down a creek.

Here a video of it. It was pretty dry this trip but it has been flowing when we were here in the past.

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