Sep 30, 2009


This is very fitting for my 600th post. Our family reunion.
Dixie Belle park, also known as my Aunt and Uncles back yard, was where the reunion was held.

This is the main event. Uncle Georges chicken.

Sadly Uncle George is gone but his son-in-law Todd does a fine job carrying on his chicken tradition.

Here is Uncle George cooking chicken the original way.

This is being cooked on bed springs from and old army cot or something.
No bagged briquettes just catch some logs on fire, shovel the coals underneath and simmer the special sauce underneath on the coals too.

As time progressed so did Uncle Georges process.

This is the coal barrel.
You build the fire on top and then hit the barrel with a shovel every now and then and the coals fall in to the bottom for easy shoveling.

Can't you smell it?
The bed springs got to small or the family got to big but this is the modified grill now.
We still call it the bed springs though.

The special hot sauce.
True lovers have their chicken dipped in the sauce first before eating.
I don't know what the recipe is but Todd said if I got up at four in the morning to help I could learn it.
I think I will keep it a mystery for now.

Since the reunion falls on a Sunday we have a church service first.
This is my cousin Leslie's husband, Brett, preaching.

Sermons finished and now it's time to eat.

We eat, talk, play games and some preform for the family.

Megan sang, Paige danced and the Carter sisters sang.

Uncle Leslie played a few songs on the harmonica.

Corn hole was played throughout the day.

My brother Brett earns the brown nose of the year award for making this beautiful set.

Amanda also had her staples removed while at the reunion.

Before we leave it is picture time.

My Dad or one of his siblings names are called out and family members gather under the park sign for a picture.

This is my family. This is everyone in our family but my brother Brett's son Kye.

This is the paparazzi.

We even take a picture of guest who come to the reunion.
Levi's girlfriend Hope was in this picture this year.
Many have hopes of being included in the family picture some day.

Family, food and fun.
It was a good reunion.


Brian Ashmore said...

Thanks for posting these! Looks like it was a great family reunion...shirts and everything. Chicken cooked like THAT just has to be good.

I like how the cross is incorporated into "Butler." Very cool.

...e-mail's been non-working since this morning. Not sure why.

Francis Bell said...

WOW-Great blogsite!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed the pictures! Thank you for brightening my day- Francis