Sep 1, 2009

Greg and Nancy Wedding 1974

This is my cousin Greg standing next to a picture of his Father.
His Father is my Uncle George.

Here is Greg with his proud Dad.

I found these picture with the ones of Greg and his wedding so I thought I would include them here.

I posted some of these slides taken at the same time before HERE.

Back to Greg's wedding.

That is my brother Brett, the ring bearer.

How come when I look at Brett in that tux with that tie on I hear him yelling "The plane! The plane!"?

My Aunt Pearl, Greg's Mom, with her two daughters, Georgina and Trina.

See the little boy throwing a fit in the background?

I don't know who it is but he sure is pouting.

There are pictures of the ceremony and all but I will save for another post.

Here are some slides of the reception.

I don't know what so funny but Brett is really enjoying it.

Greg and Nancy.

1 comment:

Brett said...

Steve told me I had to growl the whole time I was walking down the ailse because I was the ring "bear". At least I didn't have a blue nose from playing pool with them.