Feb 18, 2008

In the Kitchen

Looks like we are in the kitchen making cookies or playing with Mom's homemade playdough.

It is kinda weird seeing a back wall in the kitchen though.

How long did it last as a wall before Dad tore it out and it ended up now to be the kitchen?


brett said...

My guess is we're making Christmas ornaments, not cookies.

Emmalea said...

Good call Brett! Salt dough ornaments were the popular thing to do then. You guys did humor me - doing all kinds of craft projects and helping move furniture. You didn't know that I was training you all to be great husbands then, did you?
I would say the wall in the kitchen came down about 4 years ('78) after we built in 1974. I remember I had only papered the wall a few weeks before Dad took it out. I came home from the Calico Frog one Saturday and he had started cutting the half wall out with a hammer and chisel. It took him a while - but he got 'er done. Did you notice the stickers on the door on that wall. "Dead Animals". That sticker from Lilly's -- somewhere where the lab animals were thrown out, I guess. The room behind the wall was an easy catch-all - having a door to close. I think that is why we decided to take the wall down - it was too easy to throw things in there and shut the door. Out of sight out of mind. -- The extra room served a lot of different rolls before the wall came out.~ mom