Feb 7, 2008


Looks like we are playing volleyball somewhere in 1978. Does anybody know where?

It also looks like we were playing shirts and skins.

Good thing I was on skins and not Mom!


Emmalea said...

I think there may be a family photo taken that same day with us all in matching shorts. Stretch and Sew was replaced with a really good deal on track shorts. Obviously I couldn't make them cheaper than buying them. The photo was taken at Union Church (near Franklin) at one of the infamous "Thank God School Is Out" parties with Judy Misiniec, the Sturgells, and Markward families. Amy Arkenburg was part of the celebrations at times as well. They were all teachers. I'm not sure how our family got added to the mix, other than Judy sort of adopted us in. She really liked you guys. There may have been some other families involved too. Maybe this response will jog your memories.~Mom

Emmalea said...

I think that might be Brett not Brian...unless...Brian do you have a mole on your left forearm? If so, you are the "skins" not Brett.
All 3 of you guys looked like girls that summer. Sorry. I gave in to letting you have longer hair. Did you request that because of the home haircuts - or to be stylish? No - better not tell me the answer to that one. ~Mom

brett said...

At first glance from my PDA I thought it was me also. But upon further review, the dark hair tells me it's definitely Brian.