Feb 19, 2008

Art Show

Here is Mom at another art fair.

My guess is this is at the Penrod art festival. If it is it seems to me something happened and we didn't go back. What was the deal mother?

Is this your friend Vivian with you?


brett said...

I believe that's Nody Hoseapple.

Emmalea said...

Brett! I am amazed that you rememberd Nodi Holzapple! She too was a member of the "My 3 Sons" club.Yes, this was the Penrod art festival. We painted for that show 2 or 3 years - and then it was over. The Penrod show wasn't over -- just our being allowed to participate. There were so many wanting to have booths, they went to having judges decisions of the work being worthy enough to receive entrance. Our painting were too affordable. We usually sold $500-$900 and did the best sales of the booths around us. But they wanted a high falootin' priced art. The festival still goes on today - but the art display isn't cutesie like when Nodi and I painted. Nodi and I once consider a business together - combining the first sylabel of our last names. When we did so - made it obvious our partnership would cause a "stink" in the business world - so we went our separate ways. We remain friends. We saw Nodi a months ago. She still looks the same. She thought I had changed. Not sure what that meant!
My - that was an interesting "Trip" back in to the past. ~ Mom

Brian said...

I thought it might be Nodi but I had no idea how to spell it and could not remember what she looked like.

I could probably drive you to her house and draw you a picture of it.

Looked like a barn with a silo and had a phone booth in the living room.

A very, very cool house.

Brian said...


Emmalea said...

No - both first sylables of our last names -- just didn't work to build clientel...although we were considered to be somewhat "artsy fartsy".

You do remember her home! Every nook and cranny was country barn stuff. It was fun to just look around. However, I always felt it came across more like a museum or store than "home". They sold "The Barn" some years back and live more tradtionally - but still in Greenwood area.