Feb 5, 2008

Hardy Har Har!

You are all just too funny.

For your information I am always busy at work.

I had to pull one of my fellow employees off their job to snap this picture of me at my desk.

That was before they sent me outside to do some maintenance on the roof.

Last night I had to referee a really rough game of basketball.

I wake up this morning to look at our blog and I see all your comments.

I get no respect. I treat you all with kindness and love.

All this reminds me of being back at school and how I was treated poorly then as this class picture shows.

Only my dear wife stood beside me once again.

You are right dear. "Bummer!"


Me said...

I'm always there for you, handsome:)That class picture always brings a tear to my eye.
But seriously, I wish you had been the ref in Joel's game last night - 3 fouls in the first quarter, that's just not right!!!!!

Brian said...

I hear ya babe that was a rough game.

Good thing Dad didn't want to pay for only the second half, if Dad, you, Levi and I had all been there they probably would have kicked us out!

Those Ref's were as blind as they guy with fingers in his eyes.

Emmalea said...

I don't know if Papaws' heart could have taken that many blind ref calls on Joel. He already gets pretty upset with the coaching.
Was the ref as far off from the plays as you are in the eye poke photo? You also need to work on your serious look if you are going to ref basketball games. Fans can get really mad at times - even when look serious.