Feb 21, 2008

Rest Area

The old rest area out by the mailbox.

That is Chad sitting on the pot with the dog 2D.

2D was named after two famous people.

R2D2 (we used R2's spelling obviously) and Tootie from the "Facts of Life" T.V. show.

I wonder what happened to 2D? Car, tractor or did 2D run away? I just don't remember.

There are other picture of Brett and I at this rest area but I don't think I should put them up right now . . . . or ever.


Emmalea said...

Again you amaze me with details you remember. 2D had a middle name too - Flow also from the gal on a the TV show -- don't remember the name of the show - but the gal worked at Mel's Diner.

We thought 2D-Flow ran away with some other dogs. I think we saw her a couple of times on the back hill in a pack of dogs. Goodness - don't know why that dog would wanted to leave. Guess she knew the 4 kids would leave too - so why stick around. She was a good dog and a special friend to Chad.

Brian said...

Flow was on the T.V. show "Alice" and her famous line from the show was "Kiss my grits!".

Anonymous said...

2D was cool - she'd chase kurt for me (next door neighbor kid) - brian messes with these pics so much i didn't know if "rest stop" was real or not (i don't remember this and the daily journal has been altered)...chad

Brian said...

Chad found me out.

I did change the mailbox but we had painted the toilet.

I remember us making the joke that day about the "Daily urinal" so I did a little art work.