Feb 26, 2008


When I first saw these slides I thought it was pictures of us skiing in Nashville but it is not.

These ski's are the famous K-tel Fun skis!

We had a blast on these and we had no broken bones.

I think this is Mom and Chad.


brett said...

After the initial trial, we scrapped the laces and just stood on them. It was more difficult to land the jumps after that though.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Very true.

I remember you crashing really hard once only to go down the hill myself and do the exact same thing.

(I hope this makes more sense than the way I had it worded earlier)

Heather said...

We happened upon some K-tel Fun Skis and I was wondering if you could help me learn how to put them on my kids. Thanks for your help!

Brian B said...

We always just stood on them.
You were supposed to tie them on with a shoelace but we found it to dangerous to try to get back up the hill with ski's tied to our feet.