Feb 11, 2008


I don't have any pictures of Niki's birth but I do think this is the first time we met with her.

This is in Grandma Welton's front room at her house on Lexington Ave.

I remember Niki saying her birth date and it sounded real cute when she said "February 9th!".

I hear her say it in that tiny voice still today.

Happy belated birthday Niki.


brett said...

Why am I wearing a snowmobile suit while sitting on the davenport?

Emmalea said...

It was a cold and blustry winter day....

Actually the first day we me Niki it was in the winter. Only Brian was hot natured that day - or he had outgrown his sweaters. It was just before Christmas so he must have been giving us hints on what to get him. (Brian so loved getting clothes for gifts - not). We took Niki out to eat with us at Ponderosa or Bonanza Steak House - and she called us Mommy and Daddy. We thought that was cute. I don't think we really thought at that time that she would soon be our youngest child and only daughter. You guys were great brothers to her growing up, Thanks for giving her a family.~Mom