Feb 13, 2008


On the post "By A Lake"

Brett said...

"I searched and searched for the Lochness Monster, but I didn't find it."

I puzzled over what my brother meant when he said this then I found it.

Digging through Dad's slides I found a few more pictures taken that same day by the lake.

Which turned out not to be a lake but an inlet by the ocean.

This must have been one of our many trips that we have made to Florida.

This first picture is no Lochness monster but it is kinda scary.

Next we have a snapshot of me on my first diving trip.
Then I hit pay dirt.

While I was diving in the ocean below Dad, Mom, Brett and Chad were fishing up on the boat above.

Dad had caught a beaut and landed it when Mom snapped this picture.

So that is why Brett was looking for the monster in the lake photo.

Good memory Brett.


Emmalea said...

I LOVE IT! The creativity of Photoshop AND the the art of altering memories (a "tiny" bit) can now become exciting Butler Family Legend! Just for the record to you "lurkers" - Brian added a lot of colorful/creative hogwash to the lake-inlet/ocean post. I'm beginning to think the onset of memory loss may become a new form of art in our family! WooHoo - let the fun begin! Once a decade we can hook up a family member to a lie detector test. Just keep it all in GOOD fun! Love you all!~ Mom

Brian said...

What do you mean?

We have pictures and pictures don't lie.

Tracy said...

You are amazing. Even people that don't know all of us enjoy looking at the posts. I have my co-workers check it frequently.