Feb 13, 2008


Some things never change.

Above is a picture of a young me, and a young Dad, but I am dressed up as Batman.

This was during the Adam West, Batman t.v. show craze in the 1960's.

Mom says that I said Mommy, Daddy, and Batman for my first words.

For those of you who know me well know that I still collect anything Batman.

I am not the only geek out there who does this though.

My family and I went to a super hero museum (a private collection) over Christmas break and the museum owner spent more on Batman and Superman than I will ever make in my life.

Look at all the Batman stuff.Standing next to Burt Ward's costume (aka robin) with my kids.

But I did get mentioned and my work desk shown on a prominent Bat-Blog.

Here is a link to it. Link

This is cool. It is like Brett making Field and Stream magazine or Tracy's photo being boldly shown on Barry Manilow's fansite.

Sadly for my wife, this will only encourage me to collect more Batstuff.


Tracy said...

Brett watched a show about some guy who was even crazier than you about Batman on the Discovery Channel. You would have loved it! Brett thinks this may have been his blog that your work space has graced. Kudos to you! I will never be lucky enough to share the limelight with the much maligned but undeniably talented Barry Manilow. People can say what they want but "He Writes the Songs that Make the Whole World Sing".

Emmalea said...

Brian dressed like Batman a lot when he was little - but this first photo of his efforts is my fav. Dad's hankerchief on his head - had knots made in each corner so the bat cap with fit his head well. I was very particular of "the look" we was copying. He loved checking out his Batman form in front of large mirror. Yes, Batman was the 2nd word he spoke Momma coming in 3rd. But Batman became his FAVORITE word far exceeding the use of Momma and Dadda, simply because whenever he said "Batman" we would laugh, hug, and imitate his antics. He was a performer. Doesn't surprise me that he stands in front of crowd every Sunday now. He will often refer to his super HERO -- 1st GOD the Super Hero - but the sermon will often lend itself to include a Batman referral as well. I particularly loved his addition of the bat boots in this first photo. Thanks for the memories....Mom