Feb 5, 2008

Camera Test

Without Flash
Here we have two almost identical slides.

I have determined that Dad must have been doing a camera test.

The top slide is without Flash and the bottom one is with Flash.

I am not sure which one is better because I am still squinting my eyes and Brett has his closed.

We look pretty groovy in either one though.

With Flash


Me said...

With Flash - Without Flash. Come on this is really just another shameless excuse for you to pose with a superhero. I'm on to you!

brett(as uncle george) said...

Those girls sure do look cute.

Emmalea said...

With Flash -- TOO FUNNY!
Brett seems to be doing a check on appeance. He has "the belt" and plaid pants - Do you think maybe he's looking for his vest?

The "Flash" symbol on the chest of the super hero (in the back) looks like the one I made on a t-shirt for Joel Ted once after Brett dubbed him as "ZAP". For those "lurking" on the blog and perhaps not understanding the reference to ZAP. Brett creatively derived the nickname for Joel from his name-Joelted (jolted). Get it jolted-zap. Well - I think ZAP is a great nickname.~Mom/aka/Nana