Jul 8, 2010


We had a crazy busy weekend.
It was so busy that it will take me a week of posts and three different blogs to document it all.

But I must do it.

Sunday night we started our roving Vacation Bible School.
It was a success! And to see what it was like CLICK HERE.

Our "vacation", a one day trip to Cincinnati, started on Monday morning.
It didn't start out as early as we wanted it to but it was early enough.
We had to start out early because we had three days worth of stuff to do in one day.

A couple of hours later and we were at Ikea.

We came here to buy something for my birthday and belated Fathers day. Yeah Me!

Ikea is huge. It is not like any other store and truly is a pleasant experience.

We had fun exploring the store and looking at all the stuff.

In the middle of the store there is a restaurant.

We met some friends there and enjoyed a meal together.
I had the Swedish meatballs and lingon berry soda. (This would not be my strangest drink of the day!)

We found what we were after and stood in line to check out.

The boys played with stuff while we waited on the world slowest checker outer person.

Rolling our eyes while waiting.

After loading up our purchase we headed off to our next stop in Cincinnati.

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