Jul 26, 2010


My Brother Brett and I in 1982.

I think we were just being goofy. It couldn't be for school because the slide says August 1982 on it and school didn't start until September.
Good old days when you actually got the summer off.

Nice to see my first car too, a Datsun B210.

Yes those were our daily glasses.
We were not trying to be Steve Urkel that was the style of the day.
We were cool.


Me said...

You two are cool. But I'm sure glad you went to contacts!

Emmalea said...

I am glad you were not a twin. One of each of you was enough. All 3 boys are unique - and together they are still a joy.....most of the time.

You guys still try to dress alike - on Labor Day weekend Sunday. Actually - about 70 Butlers dress alike that day! We are all so cool.