Jul 15, 2010


Tuesday morning the 6th, My actual birthday, started out with the boys and I hauling off the Ford Probe.

Actually it was more than just the Probe.

We disassembled and jamed in the Probe a washer, dryer an electric stove and in the gaps we put soup cans.

I have a little bit more room in my garage now!

Before we towed it to the dump Levi wanted to shoot it to make sure that it was good and dead.

I couldn't find any real argument against it but Elaine wasn't to gung ho about it.

Levi wanted to shoot the engine.
I wanted to be able to tow it, steer it and be able to stop it from time to time on the way to the dump so I told him he could shoot it through the door.

He was disappointed but settled for this compromise.
I did ask that he didn't break the glass but after towing it on a 90 degree day with 100 percent humidity and not able to roll down the windows I wish I would have had him shoot out the wind shield.

Joel got our outside dog, Sam, out from behind the car.

This is actually his second shot.
He shot so fast the first time I didn't have time to get the camera turned on.

You can tell in the video that he is still mad about not being able to shoot at the engine.
He has this Russian assault rifle that he bought as soon as he turned 18 and he wanted to shoot something big. Can't blame him but I wanted to be able to safely tow this thing away then and not later.

Nice grouping.

Inside the door.

The passenger seat.

Levi looking for as much ripped metal as he can find.

Megan had to get to work so we had to get moving.

Joel made me wear a motorcycle helmet while I steered the towed Probe.
I got quite a few strange looks but the first time the tow cable yanked and the top of the stove jammed against my helmet and then a washer side hit me on the side of the head I was thankful for Joel's foresight in safety.

Sweat was pouring of my elbows on the way to the dump and the car smelled wonderful.

Levi towed me with his Jeep and Joel followed us in another of our fleet of Jeeps.

It was an adventure but we got there safely and now I have a little bit more space in my drive way.

Back home to work on the Ikea purchase!


Me said...

We are strange people. That is all I have to say.

Brian B said...

Eccentric is a better word maybe.

No, strange covers it pretty well.

Emmalea said...

You know what I love about the Butler boys at your house? They can find joy in everything. Still trying to see how this shooting thing brought glory to God. Perhaps in the fact that Levi chose a car and not a person to unload on. Yep. God is happy with that choice.

Angel said...

Ok, I am laughing out loud about the helmet thing! I wish I would have driven by! I could have rolled on the floor laughing, I thought it was that funny!