Jul 22, 2010

Tomb Raiders

July 1973 finds us in front of somebodies grave marker.
I can't remember whose it was or where it was.

We looked thrilled to be there though.

I did notice something while zooming in and around trying to read the tombstone.

I noticed Brett and I's sandals.

I don't really remember wearing these.

I do remember that they had tread on the bottom that reminded us of tire tread which made us think we could run as fast as a car.
Which we could as long as that car was going pretty slow.

The reason I remember these sandals is because I remember loosing one of them.

We were coming back home form one of our many trips to Kentucky, or as Dad calls it "The Promised Land", and we had stopped to eat at King Fish.

King Fish was a usual stop for us because it was on the bank of the Ohio River, it looked cool and was about halfway home.
King Fish looked like a steam boat. It even had a moat around it that made it look like it was a floating restaurant.

We never went inside to eat because it cost more and it was too fancy for sweaty, sleepy kids.

We had just gotten back on the main road and I was doing a shoe count and noticed that I had only made it back into the station wagon with one sandal.

I hoped that I was wrong and that it was one of Brett's that were missing but he had both of his his on.

Dad reminded me how much they cost and that I hadn't had them that long and I cried all the way home because I lost it.

It always bothered me that I lost it.

Until King Fish restaurant moved across the river to the Indiana side I would always look for that lost sandal in their parking lot.

I always imagined some kid walking around Louisville wearing my sandal wishing I would come back and lose the other one.


Me said...

One of the many sad stories you have told the kids. You were/are so tendered hearted.
I probably would have lied about losing my sandal and then kicked Diane in the shin because I was mad. But then we do handle things differently. lol
What I immediately noticed about the close-up was that both you and Brett either had mud all over your legs or some untreated skin affliction.
I am hoping it was mud.

Angel said...

I went back to look at the close-ups, and I am voting for skin affliction!

cousin karen said...

your story makes think of Joe dirt!