Jul 23, 2010

Levi and His Blondes

Here is my son with one of his blonde admirers.

He says they love the Jeep.
Which Gracie clearly did.
Gracie is Levi's cousin.

Levi's other blonde is Hope.
She was waiting for Levi at camp when Gracie was playing in his Jeep.

I don't know if it is the Jeeps that these girls like or if it is Levi's style.

I think he looks at pictures of Papaw on WMDS way too much.

All of these picture were taken in the same week. Notice that the week started with Levi having a beard and ended with him clean shaven. (Levi and Hope picture was taken last)

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A City Girl said...

I love it. I need that cute picture of Gracie. She sure did love Levi's Jeep.