Jul 14, 2010


When we got back from Cincinnati the boys and I went to a local fireworks store and went looking for some deals.

They were running a buy one get one free sale with some being buy one get three free.
My nephew, Blake, negotiated a buy everything at 50% off deal at the store he went to.

We then went to Mom and Dads where Blake, Brett, Joel, Levi and I put on our annual "Nine Fingers Firework Show!".

Preshow safety meeting. It says here "Light fuse and run away." Everybody got that?

Some last minute fuse finding.

It was a lot cooler in person.

We enjoyed it.

Ohh! Ahhhh!

Blake had a great one for the finale. It lit up the whole back yard and sounded like a machine gun going off.

No injuries and only one close call. Good thing the humidity was around 200% or my parents would be short one barn.

It was this goobers birthday.

Mom lighting candle(s) and Tracy telling Blake he can buy more fireworks next year.

Levi and I looking at some old Polaroids.

Elaine and Joel anxiously awaiting the first piece of cake presentation.

And we have a winner.

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Brian Ashmore said...

Great post! I love the family event posts that you do. It looks like you guys had a great Fourth.

Cool superhero shirts, too!