Jul 9, 2010

Jungle Jims

After Ikea we went to a grocery store. A unique grocery store called Jungle Jim's.

As we approached it we could see a monorail and a big top.

As you entered the store there was a fountain/pool with fake animals in it. Monkeys and gorillas hung from the sides of the entrance and there were giant fake fruits on sticks lining the way. . . to the grocery store.

We went past some stop lights that were flashing "Carts start here" or something very similar to that and found this animatronic display.

The scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz held a sign that said they were a comedy team but it wasn't show time as we past so we moved on to the cheese section of the store.

Levi had been here with Hope before and he has told us endless stories about the cheese section.

"Every kinda cheese you can imagine" he would tell us with magic in his eyes. Levi likes cheese.

He was right though. There were more cheeses there than I ever dreamed existed.
We smelled a lot of them and bought some for the ride home.

Levi took a try at milking a cow.

The tops of the shelves were filled with antiques and odd things.

Speaking of odd things. Ever wonder where you could buy a whole pigs head? Jungle Jim's. They still had their eyes!

Ever crave chicken feet? Jungle Jim's is the place to go and they are only $2.72 a package.

We saw the cereal mascot band perform on the deck of the S.S. Minnow.

The sea food section.

They had fruits that looked like props from the movie Avatar.
Strange foods were around every corner.

Do you like eggs?

Duck eggs and quail eggs are here.

Not to mention pheasant eggs.

They also had food from nearly every country.
Robin Hood greeted us in the British section.

They had hot sauces and jerky made from every animal that had meat on its bones.

We spent some time in the soda section and we all picked a weird drink for the trip home.

Megan got a pirate root beer and Joel had a really good cream soda.
Elaine had Cheerwine soda that our sister-in-law recommended HERE
It was very bubbly!

I got a Nonai berry Snapple. ( I didn't want to risk getting sick on a strange drink so I played it safe.)

Levi got a ginger drink from Australia that had a neat bottle.

It had a cool pull tab opener on the bottle and a neat label.
He gave me first taste. It was nasty! Tasted like carbonated Pine-sol!

He got the drink back and read that you were supposed to invert the bottle before opening it.
He put his finger over the hole and turned it over. I think the spray hit all of us.
He said he liked it after that. Blah it tasted bad to me.

We hit the cheese section again and bought some stuff for friends who sent us with money to buy cheese curds for them.

Then we headed home to our next stop.


Me said...

Who would that that a vacation day spend looking at furniture and food would be fun! Ha ha. But it was!!

Thanks for a great day!

Brian B said...

It sure was.
Thank you!

A City Girl said...

Jungle Jim's sounds and looks awesome. I would love to take a road trip there and to IKEA too. I have only been to their online store which I'm sure isn't near as good. Only I think I will stay away from the Cheese section. lol

Brian Ashmore said...

That looks like a fun store! I love the cereal band.