Jul 15, 2010

The Batroom!

After hauling the Probe off to the dump we started working on my Batroom!
Elaine and the kids bought me two Detolf cabinets from Ikea for my birthday!

Here is where the third blog comes in for this holiday weekend.

Click here for the details (And continuing details) of the room.


Me said...

I think your Batman room is looking great!

When we go back to Ikea for the third Detolf cabinet, can we pick up a sectional sofa?

Just thought I'd ask.

Emmalea said...

That case is awesome. I can only imagine all of the collectibles chatting and thinking they will be the "chosen one" to be displayed in the new display cases. Perhaps he can rotate them from time to time so none of them get their feelings hurt. OR - you could play Toy Story 3 for them on a DVD player and then they can see how very blessed they are to still be treasured.

Aaron said...

I think it's somewhere in Proverbs 31 that speaks of the gracious wife who lets her husband waste - um, utilize an entire room for his silly toys.
I'm glad my wife lets me, too!

A City Girl said...

I went to the other site too and it all looks really looks great. Your family is just too sweet!

Brian B said...

Aaron = I do rise up and call my wife blessed!