Apr 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

Mom and Dad with their three little men.

Oh, as a public service I highly recommend that you click HERE to make sure your computer is clean of the CONFICKER virus.


Brian Ashmore said...

Thanks for the laugh!!! Seriously, this one had me about doubled over.

That is SO funny!!!

Brian said...

Chad reminds me of a toy I never had but always wanted called "Hugo- Man of a thousand faces".

Here is a picture:


Brian Ashmore said...

I had forgotten about Hugo until recently listening to his epic battle with Mr. Potato Head in Das Uber Tuber.

Brian said...

He is mentioned in that?

Excuse me while I go listen to my Ipod.

Brian Ashmore said...

Yeah! The whole last third of the song is an epic battle between Hugo and Mr. Potato Head to determine who the true master of disguise is...

Brian said...

2:22 into" Das Uber Tuber" by Ookla The Mok.

"Who can draw anything as long as he traces?
Hugo man of a thousand faces!

It had to happen one day.
They both knew this was the way.
They trained for this there whole lives.
They hugged their kids and kissed their wives.

Hugo pulls out a knife.
Says "I gonna cut you down to size".
Mr. Potato Head just grins and says
"Well go ahead and try!"

I thought, since the song was about Mr. Potato Head that the line was "You go man of a thousand faces."
Not Hugo.

It all makes sense now and I now like the song even more.

Emmalea said...

Brian Ted! What planet are you really from? There were times I thought I had an alien growing inside me - but I put that off to the fact I was only 17 and not understanding my body. Now I am not so sure! Did you 2 Brians cook up this crazy communication for yoru blog as an April Fool joke on your parental units?

I miss my little boys. The REAL ones!

Brian said...

No we didn't make it up.

It is a song about Mr. Potato head and it is pretty great.

Tell you what I will email it to you and anyone else who wants it.

I got the song off their web site as a free sample to get you hooked to their music so it should be cool to send it along.