Apr 22, 2009


This is our family gathering for Easter 09.

We don't normally eat with guns but my daughter said her boyfriend had arrived and then went out greet him. As she went out to bring him in "The Family" prepared to meet him as well.

We prepared by passing guns out to all the men folk.

Adam, the boyfriend, came in and Dad pumped the 12 gauge. (That is an intimidating sound!)
And then Dad warned him, "Don't lay a hand on our gal - got it?" Adam replied with a polite, "Yes, Sir."

I think he got the idea.

We have been around guns our whole life.

I have always had proper shooting position for a hand gun as demonstrated here.

I think this is called the "Fife" position.

Brett has more of an aggressive stance than I and Brett still loves guns today.
I don't think he is ever more than a arms reach away from a weapon at any given time.
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Emmalea said...

No photos of Chad with a firearm. He pretty much cared less about guns and hunting. Funny the way life turns around and he is the one of the boys that carries a gun every day at work. What is it? A 757 magnum, I think. He also detested math of any kind and worked several years in a bank - reconciling ATMS for several banks around indy. Life is amusing.