Apr 9, 2009

Super Hero Museum 14

This is the last post on my families adventure to the Heroes Museum in Indianapolis.

This is all the odds and ends photos that haven't made it on any other posts of the trip.

The top picture is the tires off the Tumbler from Batman Begins.

An original album which contain the classic Batman theme song on it.
I have the mp3's of this album (Not CD kids it is a long playing record, LP, that played at a 33 1/3 speed.) but I don't have the original.

A nice classic Batmobile pedal car.

I had this model at one time.

This is some of the actual film from the movie Batman Begins.

I have a few more blurry pictures but this is pretty much it.

I had planned on returning at a future date and taking more pictures but sadly the museum closed so I am glad I took these on this trip.

I enjoyed the day with my family and thank you for taking the trip again with me.

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Brian Ashmore said...

Thanks for posting all of these!

I love the pedal car! I thought that was just a big model or something. Wouldn't that have been great to have at 4 years-old or so?