Apr 27, 2009

Indy 500 1976

Brett, Chad, myself and my friend Todd at the Indy 500 track.

I can't say I remember this particular trip but it has some elements I remember from other trips that we took to the track.

I do remember that Todd's Dad operated the yellow light during the race.

I see some sort of program in my hand.

Chad is sporting a home made T-shirt.

Brett, and I have on out little league baseball hats while Todd wears an opponent teams hat.

Tank tops were a must for track attire as well as the beer tab necklace I am wearing.

I think I made one of these every time I went to the track. Pull tabs have been gone for a while but I bet If I went to the infield at the track I would still be able to find enough to make a necklace. I only say this because I spotted some on the ground this weekend and a touristy place.
Am I giving a thumbs up?

Aaaaay! I am The Fonz!


Karen said...

I need one of those necklace for my husband to wear to the track this year. Karen

Brian Ashmore said...
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Brian Ashmore said...

I remember those hats!! I've had a couple, too. They must have been standard little league issue across the country in the 70's.

I never had one of those necklaces, though. Did you have an engineering degree or something?

The Fonz was cool.