Apr 30, 2009


Mom and a pup named Shamus 1973.

That is our green station wagon in the background.

It was great to go to the drive inns with.
You could open the the back like a tail gate on a truck or it could swing out like a giant door.
We could lay in the back and watch the movie or sit on the tailgate depending on how Dad parked.

It was great to take on vacations too.
The back seat laid down and we put blankets and sleeping bags back there and could lay around all day while Dad drove.
You could not do that today because kids have to have a five point harness on at all times.
We stood in the back seat, climbed over the seats, we would lay in the floor, and set up the back seat for the sleeping bags among other things all while Dad drove.

The back seat also had a nice feature that my parents used often.
The upholstery had piping that divided the seat into three sections. Mine, Brett and Chads and if we crossed our section Dad just "Might have to pull the car over!


Brett said...

Oh, the art of driving with one hand on the wheel and the other reaching into the backseat "to bust some heads!"

Bubbashelby said...

What year is your wagon? It looks like an early seventies Torino?

Bubbashelby said...

ahh I was wrong. Closer inspection shows Chevy hubcaps.

Brian said...

Early seventies is all I know.