Apr 24, 2009


Looks like our cousin Karen is trying to shake some since into Chad.


The fence in the back tells me that we were at Uncle George's house for a family gathering of some kind.
Probably just to eat his famous chicken.


Karen said...

Yes, I Was about to put Him In A pile of horse or cow ????. man my hair was long and were did i get those pants. Thanks Brian. how old was chad there ? how old is chad know?

Emmalea said...

Haaahhhaa Karen! I was putting my comment on at the same time you were. I remember this photo. Karen WAS tormenting Chad about putting his face in horse pooh. Look in the shadow under Chad's hair. The horse was there first!
Chad was either 3 or 4. He is....39 now!
You were totally a stylin' gal, Karen. You've seen the "fashion" statements of our family through this blog. You are part of that fanstic era. Weeeeeee!

Brett said...

I like the tobagon sled stuck in the fence...ready for Dad to try to ride it while standing up.

Brian said...

Brett is right it is a toboggan.

I thought it was a loading ramp or something.

Emmalea said...

Dad saw that too. He said he thinks he saw the toboggan sled over there fairly recently.

Even though George and Pearl's farm has now sold - no one can buy out the memory bank that is attached to it. Every photo posted from the farm brings the flood of memories back.