Apr 10, 2009

Easter at Aunt Carols

1973 and the family Easter celebration was held at my Aunt Carols house.

I always liked the medieval weapons that hung on my Aunts living room walls.
Swords and maces and you can see little knights on the mantle.

My cousin Steve, far right, and I played knights in this room many times.
He had a set of plastic knights like the little green army men most of us had.
The knight set also came with a working catapult!

We would set them up on the floor in opposing armies and launched boulders and rubber bands at each others men and battle it out to the last man standing.


You see my Aunt Carol sitting just behind Steve on the far right.
Other Cousins I see are Rhonda, Doug, big Brett, Dave and Shari.

This is in the dinning room.

my Brother Brett is on the far left, Me, Steve, two unidentified cousins, Uncle Myron and Uncle Ray.
It looks like Uncle Ray is smoking the worlds largest cigarette in this slide.
I have not photo shopped this in anyway and man it looks huge.

Maybe they made them bigger then?

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