Apr 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

This is a cake Mom made for Dad 37 years ago today.

If you click on the picture you can see the hill at the top of the cake with the years approaching 30 and the arrow pointing to the rocking chair.

No candles just the phrase "For he WAS a jolly good fellow!"

If Dad had candles on a cake today and we lit them all I wonder what that would look like?

I don't know for sure what it would look like but if you were close enough to try to blow them out and you had your shirt off I think you would look like Dad in this slide.

Happy birthday Dad!


Emmalea said...

I think that was the closest to 6 pack abs we ever photographed. He is a hunk --- still is -- for 67. He's a good husband and great provider. He loves the Lord, and his kids and grandkids. He's everying a 16 year old girl dreamed of in a husband and more stuff thrown in that I could have never imagined! I'll keep him.

Brett said...

I remember that suit...Mom had made it and one for herself to match. He's wearing a little league baseball hat from coaching the Trafalgar Dodgers also. Happy Birthday Dad!

Brian said...

Not just herself but all of us had suits that matched this one.

We had them when we lived on Lexington Ave and this slide is 1978 so Mom sewed them well to last that long.

I knew that hat was from a little league team but I could have never told you which one.

Emmalea said...

Hey, my suit didn't exactly match dad's - it had a top to it! And YES - my little guys each had a suit to match daddy's. There were also green terry cloth beach jackets for the boys. There was a safety measure of us all matching (if one wandered away - they were easier to be returned.) Dad was the only one the wandered away - looking at other gal's suits -- I'm sure it was just so he could give me helpful tips on the next swim suits I would make (Right!) -

We believe the photo was taken in Florida at the first water park we went to around Disney.(Palm trees) Dad also thinks Brian did something to the photo with his chest hair - to make it look singed. I say no. I was just curlier back then.

He had a pretty good 67th birthday. We both wonder how many more we have in us. But we just have to wait and be surprised.

Brian said...

Brian did nothing to this photo.

The is Dad as he is, or was.