Aug 27, 2009

Uncle Jack

This is my Uncle Jack visiting us when we lived on Lexington Ave.

I promised in a post HERE that I would post some clippings form his college days and when he was drafted to play for the Los Angles Rams.

Here they are.

This ones great. It starts like this:

"Despite his massive 6-3, 220-pound hulk. Kentucky tackle Jack Butler is nimble afoot and treads his way around accurately through a crowded football field to unwind around the ball carrier.
There are two reasons in his background for this.

1. The sophomore fom Tompkinsville is a square-dancing addict, hence agility.

2. He comes from a farming family of 10 - six boys and four girls - and hence a mob doesn't bother him at all."

They don't write articles like that anymore.

Just click on the pictures to enlarge them.

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Emmalea said...

Dad was really proud of his big brother's accomplishments....and rightly so.