Aug 11, 2009

Where Have I been?

Well lets just say that it was a busy, busy week.

Here is my son at his work. He is a lifeguard and a storm had blown all the deck chairs into the pool.
Then he had a motor cross race that we decided it was raining to hard to attend.

So he entered a flat track race at our counties fair.
He did pretty good for his first flat track race.
(He was excited!)
Dining cheapskate style

When I was a Senior in high school we had a foreign exchange student come live with us.
Wilt has come back to visit us twice since then and my parents went to Holland to visit him once.

He came back this time with his family.

Levi and I took them to the Creation Museum one day last week.

Then we had a bad storm at home.
It knocked down about nine trees in our yard and snapped a power line that caught some of the yard on fire.

So we called 911.
We now know that 911 can find our house.

We had the Berga's over for dinner and explored a creek near our home one night too.

We had them all sign our chalkboard wall before they left.
I just wish we could read it.

My wife had a birthday this past week too.

So here we are at the in-laws celebrating another year for my lovely wife.

The ladies surfed the web and looked at bowls and stuff online.
None of the bowls had Batman on them. Boring!

We also had a big event at our Church too.

Levi and Hope enjoying the food.

Megan giving me the evil eye.

Then Sunday we had a cook out and sang some songs together outside.

I am tired just trying to remember it all!

Here is a video of some of the events from last week.


Emmalea said...
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Emmalea said...

In your hi-lights, you missed the lost day at Holiday World with your extended family. After the storm and fire - the Brian Butler family had a long drive to join us for overnight stay in Jasper, IN. Then early to Holiday World on Wednesday, with a full day of water rides and roller coasters - late to leave the park with a long drive back. Needless to say - Brian is probably in a fog this week - so everyone --- be nice to him. I think he is SUPERMAN - not Batman... (Just kidding Bri...)

Brian Ashmore said...

Wow!! Great post! You've had quite a week or two. Loved the video, too.

I'd love to see the Creation Museum someday.