Aug 20, 2009

The Calico Frog

This is my Mom inside of the Calico Frog.

The Calico Frog was a store that she owned for quite a few years while I was growing up.

Can you guess what decade it was? Macrame, paisley and antique green are a few clues.

The slide up above was taken in 1975 where the store was first located.

This slide was taken in 1977 and it is of the stained glass window that was on the front door of the stores second location.

The doors were hand made with wrought Iron door handles and hinges.
Very cool.

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Emmalea said...

Good memory for such a young lad at the time. One correction: the stained glass window was on the outside wall. As you walked in the door it was directly across the room, behind the sales counter. I loved that window. Calico Frog was the first store to sign on to lease in the new complex of Calvin Place. The owner had the window made with a frog to honor our commitment. Diane Woodbury and I were partners, but soon after the move, dad and I bought Diane's portion of the business. We sold the business shortly after we adopted Niki, in 1979. It was at that time that my photography business started to "develop".