Aug 26, 2009

The Carters

These are some pictures of a visit that my family made to my Aunt and Uncle Carters house back in 1974.

This is my Uncle Leslie in his easy chair telling some big story.

He would also do magic tricks for us.

He would make marbles disappear and then they would fall out of our pant legs or come out of our ears. We loved it.
This is my Aunt Dixie.

Looks like she is cooking supper. Mmmm!

We loved to see her but hated to leave her.
When we left it was required that we give her some "sugar".

As she kissed us good bye and while my cousins laughed and giggled she would declare that we had "Strawberry sugar!" and that she wanted more.

Which means my brothers and I hid behind our Mothers legs.

This is Linda.

Thats right Linda Carter.

When Wonder Woman was on T.V. I told all my friends in middle school that I was related to Linda Carter.

They would say "Really? and I could honestly say "Yes".
I didn't bother to tell them that the Linda Carter I was related too wasn't Wonder Woman though.
Why ruin it for them?

Here is the face she made for me so I could show all my friends a picture of Linda Carter.

That is her sister Brenda sitting next to her.

Now Brenda has magically changed into my cousin Loretta.

I suspect that a phone call caused Brenda to leave the couch.

I remember the girls sitting on the floor with their fingers shoved into their ears trying to talk to their boyfriends on the phone while we were there.

Their Dad tormented them while they were on the phone.
My Dad joined in on the teasing too.

I just took notes and now torment my kids while they talk to boyfriends and girlfriends on the phone.

This is Brenda after getting off the phone.

Dad or Uncle Leslie must have gone to far in their teasing.

Loretta and Linda don't look to sure about the story that their Dad must be telling.

I noticed something on the shelf above them.

See that Mickey Mouse I have circled?

I made that.

We had a toy called Shaker Maker.
You added some powder and water into a mold and shook it for all it was worth.
After it set up and you pried it from the mold you could paint it.

I made a Mickey Mouse for my sugar stealing Aunt Dixie.
I think I thought this might help me escape the sugar raid but it probably just made it worse.

I do remember being surprised the next time we visited and I saw that the Mickey Mouse was up on the shelf.
After this surprise I made it a point to look for Mickey year after year and it was always there.

I swelled with pride seeing it each time.

It shank each year I saw it but it remained on public display until they moved.

Image from HERE and thanks too to Brian A for helping me remember the name of the toy.

You can visit Brian A's toy blog HERE.

Last but not least this is my cousin Leslie Kay.

I remember that she asked Brett and I if we wanted to play Jacks.

We said "Sure" but Brett and I were expecting a card game.
Nope. It was Jacks. A little rubber ball and metal jacks that look like something Batman would throw down to explode the tires of a car.

She taught us the rules and we had fun playing a girls game.
Onesies, towsies and so on.

We then went outside to shoot basketball.

Good memories.


Karen said...

Brian, You Are So Right Good Times At The Carters. Aunt Dixie Was The Best Cook, And Uncle Leslie Sure Did Have Some Great Stories.I Loved Staying over night With Them.Thanks F0R the memories.Cousin Karen

Emmalea said...

Absolutely precious memories. I didn't remember the Mickey story or how much that meant to you. Bless your sentimental little heart. snif-snif