Aug 25, 2009

Uncle George

My Uncle George is mostly known for his ability to cook chicken.

But he also carved a mean watermelon.


I see my Aunt Pearl and cousin Steve in this picture too.

After looking at this picture for a few minutes I have come to a different conclusion.
It was not my Uncles ability to carve a watermelon that made it taste so unique.
It was my brother Brett running all over the table top where it was being carved that probably gave it the special something.



Karen said...

Sorry i missed that tasting that day.cousin Karen

Brett said...

I'm sure my shoes were clean. I don't think they ever had any dogs, cats, or horses around the farm that I might have stepped in anything, right? Who knew I would become allergic to watermelon later in life. I loved it back then, no matter what additional flavorings there might have been on it.

Emmalea said...

We sure miss George this time of year. Butler Reunion coming up and HE was alway one of the STARS. Glad he let a few in on the "secret recipe" for the sauce.

Hope we have a good turnout. We've been having between 90 and 100. Hope we can still have that many.

Good food, good times.....