Jan 7, 2010


That's me with one of Mom's snow creations.

My face looks like I think I am a King on my throne.

Where are my gloves?

So this snowman is Santa and it looks like he is bringing me a little brother for Christmas.

Wonderful work on the snowman Mom.

Is that food coloring on the face?


I like how they made a platform for me to sit on too.


Brett in snowman form prior to his birth in December of 1967.

How many other people can say that?

I need to go because it looks like I am getting fussy.
It is probably my cold hands.
Cold hands make me fussy.


Me said...

I have seen these pictures before and always thought snowman Santa was holding baby Jesus.

Emmalea said...

Nope - it isn't Jesus. I actually built this AFTER Brett was born. I think that was me - not Santa. I gained a little weight with that pregnancy. lol I like the idea of it being Brett as a preborn snowbaby. Lets go with that story from now on.

Brian - bless your heart, you didn't have gloves and came out only to get your photo with the snowman. I remember you watching me from the door and banging on the window wanting to come out. You changed your mind after realizing how cold the snow was!

One of my favorite snowmen was one sitting in a lawn chair. Have you seen that one in the archived photos?

Emmalea said...

Did the photos have '67 on them. Maybe I got that event mixed up with the one on the lawn chair. Now I am curious if I really did build that just prior to Brett's birth. If so, maybe that was why he came early!

Yes, I did use food coloring on the snowmen back then.

Later, when I had the shop in Nashville, I sold snowman kits - coal for the eyes, nose and mouth. I think I put a cute poem with them in the package. Sold a few. Coal got hard to find, I guess.