Jan 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

We have had a couple of busy weeks as I am sure you have too.
Here is a brief review of our Christmas.

We had a progressive dinner with Elaine's family.

My nieces and nephew entertained us at their home where we had appetizers.

We went to our house for the main course.

We then finished up at Elaine's parents house with desert.

Elaine's Dad read part of the Christmas story at each house.

A few days before Christmas Levi asked his girlfriend, Hope, to marry him.
Thankfully she said yes and they came to our house so we could congratulate them.

Elaine welcomes or new addition to the family.

The ring!

Here is the happy couple.

Christmas Eve found us at my parents house and it can be seen HERE in a smile box that my Mom created.

Christmas morning at our house and we wake up to our tradition orange rolls.
I still haven't fixed the oven so Elaine made them in the toaster oven.

Levi is anxiously awaiting the orange rolls.

Joel got his letter jacket.

Megan and Levi got netbooks.

Scooby got a flying squirrel.

The master mind of a great weekend.

Don't worry, I got some toys!

Happy new year!

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Brian Ashmore said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas! It's fun to see all the goings-ons.

Congratulations to Levi and Hope!!!