Jan 8, 2010


I named the saucer sled as my favorite Christmas present as a kid but I was raised sledding not on a saucer but on a toboggan.

This is probably one of my first times sledding.

Most memories I have riding on the toboggan have me being up front in the sled.
That means when you hit fresh snow it all flies right up in your face.
Talk about cold! You had to scrape the snow off your face.

All my toboggan memories are on Uncle Georges sledding hill.
His hill was awesome!
I mean so good that it almost ruins sledding anywhere else kinda good.

Dad and I are on Uncle Georges hill in this picture.

Those are some good memories.

Cousins, cold and hot Chocolate.

We also have some funny home movies that show Uncle George crashing.
I need to dig those out this winter and post them.

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