Jan 20, 2010

Just a Swinging

1975, Beechgrove Park, Welton family reunion.

I see that my brothers and I all have matching shirts on.

I also see my cousin Steve and his sisters, Sondra and Rhonda.

There is some other kid that I don't recognize on there too.

Why aren't these swings on playgrounds anymore?

You used your legs and your arms with this swing. A full body work out and team work.

Hold on tight and run a fast as you could. When you got it going fast enough (Or you wanted to make the older cousins do all the work) you picked up your feet and swung like Batman going from building to building.

In 75 we played. We played outside and we were fit kids.
I can remember only one or two kids that couldn't climb up a rope in gym class back then.
I wonder how many kids can't or have never tried to climb a rope now?

I wonder if I can now?


Emmalea said...

Good point. That swing and monkey bars would be a challenge for a lot of kids today (and obviously adults as well.)
AND you kids did this all day long - and had the calluses on your hands and feet to prove it.
I can smell my hot, sweaty, healthy kids just looking at those photos.

Brian Ashmore said...

Ha! I was one of those one or two kids...

Man, I couldn't climb a rope to save my life. I was a fairly active kid (little league baseball, basketball, always running around the neighborhood) but I HATED it when the day would come when I would be asked to climb a rope. It happened in gym each year and also at Cub Scout gatherings.

Stupid rope.

I suppose you were good at those stupid climbing peg boards things, too!


Me said...

That bottom picture is awesome. It totally summarizes childhood in the 70s.

Brian B said...

70's kids knew how to play that's for sure.

Yes I could do the peg board but not like some kids could. Some kids could fly up that thing!