Jan 12, 2010

Fruity Smiles

Mom and I with another snowman.
This one has a fruity grin.

Dad and I pose with this guy too.
This must have been my first adventure with snowman.


Emmalea said...

My first attempt using food coloring. Looks like he was shot by a drive-by gang-banger. And you don't look too impressed with the hard work involved to make you a playmate.

Brian Ashmore said...

That "dirve-by gang banger" comment had me cracking up, Emmalea.

The snow on the ground in the picture looks about like ours does right now. Haven't had any fresh stuff for awhile and the old stuff is melting a bit and getting grungy.

Great snowman and sledding posts, Brian. I forget sometimes how much fun it can be to be a kid in winter.

Emmalea said...

Our snow is melting now too. I thought about building another snow creature again -- but found tons of excuses why I can't - no good gloves or boots.....and no kids to impress or train now. Loved the days I had to do that - but now I seem strangely content to sit and muse about the past...look at pictures that captured the life's fun of yesteryear....and nap. (Old is good!)