Jan 5, 2010

My New Room 1974

Yep. That's my bed in 1974.

This is before I lived in it though.
We had just built a new house and I imagine the pictures were snapped to capture our room in its pristine state before Brett, Chad and I could make our mark on the place.

I still have the bear and the baseball.

The horses might be in Mom and Dad's attic.

Brett and I shared a room and this is his bed.

Notice the Fisher Price movie viewer on his bed.

1974 was two years before our nation Bicentennial celebration and red, white and blue was everywhere.
Especially in our room.
Just look at it all.
What you can't see is the carpet. We had red, white and blue shag carpet.

The 70's were great.


Emmalea said...

Man! I think that was the only day you guys' room looked that neat! It was a Kodak moment.

The boxes on the wall that your horses are on are coke crates painted to go with the patriotic theme.

Hey, Brian A - did you notice Brian B had a special pet rock in that shelf? Much like the one in your freezer!

Brian had the baseball lamp, Brett had the basketball and Chad had a football lamp. My Ohio cousin, Larry's wife, Doris, made them. I loved those lamps. Not sure what happened to them. Broken comes to mind.....

Brian Ashmore said...

Pet rocks are cool!! They don't need walks, food, toys, etc. However, they have a way of working their way into your heart and it's really tough when it's their time to "go."

Nice room! Where are the Barry Manilow posters?